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Bullet Proof your Core &Pelvic Floor

Virtual 1- Hour Workshop Wednesday December 21st 2pm EST

Pelvic floor dysfunction and diastastis recti is more common than you think....

FREE 1 hour workshop
Wednesday December 21st
2:00pm EST- 3:00pm EST

Join me in this FREE 1- Hour workshop where I walk you through exactly what you need to do to help correct dysfunction, strengthen your core, and gain your confidence back. 


My goal is to help you feel confident, secure and pain free in your body while getting stronger from the inside out. 

Urinary incontinence is extremely common, and most women are embarrassed to admit it. When told “it’s just a part of motherhood”, they feel hopeless and defeated. I’m here to tell you it’s not normal and there is hope for you. 

Most women are not assessed at their 6 week check up for pelvic floor dysfunction or diastasis recti. You’re given the “ok to return to exercise” and many of you may have jumped right in while others may have avoided due to the embarrassing symptoms you’re facing.

Regardless of how old your baby is… 6 weeks or 16 years, correcting and improving your strength within your core, posture, breathing and pelvic floor is vital to your function and movement. 

I’ll cover the foundation of a strong core and pelvic floor connection. We’ll discuss 

  • our breathing

  • posture 

  • hip & glute dysfunction and the core 

  • What needs strengthening for lasting changes 

Peeing yourself when you cough, sneeze, run or jump Experience back pain, hip pain or SI j

Is this you?


Presented by Angela Mosley- Owner of Modern Fit Moms Pre & Postnatal Specialist

I know how you feel mama. Defeated, broken and hopeless. I was in those shoes a few years back when I learned of my prolapses, when peeing my pants was now the norm, and despite all the crunches & nutrition, my abs wouldn't show up. I simply felt broken. I felt like my body had failed me and I had failed it. I couldn't find the answers and I was so desperate to fix this embarrassment and uncomfortableness I now called "my body". I found the solution, and my hope and goal is to share it with every mama out there so she doesn't have to feel the way I felt 3 years ago. 

As a certified Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, i get to help moms like you and me get stronger after baby no matter how many years postpartum you are. I hope you join us in this 3 day workshop so you can start to see the changes and strength within. 

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