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Welcome to MamaSTRONG! If you already have a base foundation and you have a goal of increasing strength, this is the program for you! This 12 week program is designed for moms who are ready to handle relatively heavier loads- we're starting at the basics with main movement patterns and I'm asking you to lift heavier than you have before. This is a split training plan- 2 workouts each week focused on lower body and glutes and 2 workouts per week focused on upper body and core. Optional workout once week for HIIT training. What's included: -4 workouts each week + Bonus HIIT training workout -4 35 minute FULL follow along strength training split workouts -Optional workout tracker with demo videos to follow at your own pace Who it's for: -Moms who are looking to amp up their strength gains -Moms who've already established a baseline and ready to take it up a notch. Equipment Needed: Heavy dumbbells, bench/couch or chair. & mat, occasionally big yoga ball or loop band. BONUS: High Protein Strength Meal Plan & Prep Guide

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