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GluteFIT - Strength training program to help you burn fat and build glutes. This program was designed for the busy mom in mind. Most workouts are 30-35 minutes. We focus on the best at home glute exercises 3 days per week to build strong sexy glutes so you can eliminate "mom" butt. On the days we're not training our glutes, we will be training our upper body and core and pelvic floor. You will receive 2 rest days within the program with an optional Happy Hips stretch workout to get even better results. This Glute Program is not like others you see on the market. Because I am a Glute Specialist, I've included training and education to help walk you through on why your glutes may not be growing (hello mom butt), talk about the position of your pelvis and how we can help correct it for better glute function. You'll find specific exercises to include as part of your warm up to help correct your glutes before your actual workout. While this is obviously not required, it is included in this program to help you get the best glutes ever. Along with your glute training program, I've also included a sample meal plan and grocery list so you can amplify your results even more! If your goal is to tone up and burn fat, look no further I've got you covered. So what do you say? Will you trust me to help you build your glutes? I sure hope so :)

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