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6 week strength training plan and program designed for busy moms. In this program we work on split training days to target the muscles in a challenging way you may not experience in class. The goal is to go heavier- it's only 20 minutes YOU can do more than what you think you can! What's included: -5 workouts each week -20 minute FULL follow along workouts with warm up + cool down included -Rest & Recovery days -Split training workouts between upper body and lower body muscle groups Who it's for: -Moms short on time looking for effective yet quick workouts to tone up and burn fat -Moms looking to lift weights but don't know where to start or what muscles to work Please note, I encourage you to lift heavier in these workouts because it's only 20 minutes. Heavy is different for everyone's own personal journey.

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2 Plans Available, From $39.00/month


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