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Start Burning Fat and toning muscle TODAY with EmpowerHER- At-Home Workout & nutrition Program for busy moms by moms
Your comprehensive plan to getting into the best shape of your life without hours of working out or restrictive dieting

Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindset group Coaching for busy moms who are ready to stop just surviving but THRIVE  & become their fittest, healthiest, most confident selves — from the inside out.

New coaching group starts October 1st, 2023. Join our free, no-obligation waitlist now for early bird pricing & get up to $100 off the general price.

Fun Fact: You can get the results you love without restrictive dieting or spending hours in the workout room
Can you relate?

Tried many diets and always gain the weight back when it's over.

You're tired of restrictive diets that require you to cut out food groups & leave you feeling deprived

Too busy juggling the kids so you don't have any time or energy left in the tank

You feel insecure and uncomfortable with your postpartum body 

You start a program & fall off one day & quit

You're tired of just surviving, and want to thrive

It's time to stop surviving, and THRIVE

EmpowerHER is an 8 week group coaching fitness, nutrition & mindset program that leads you to living your best life through at-home fat burning workouts, nutrition you can live with beyond the 8 weeks, and mindset coaching so you can finally feel the confidence regardless of the number on the scale. 

Whether or not you're new to working out, you'll get:

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Effective workouts for busy moms that will help you help burn fat, tone up and boost confidence

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Nutrition coaching & guidance  so you can learn nutrition habits you can stick with that will yield results without restrictive dieting.


Live Group coaching calls to cover hormones, sleep habits, time management, mindset, nutrition & lifestyle habits that create lasting results

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Group support & accountability from your coach & peers Monday through Friday for questions, encouragement & support to get the best results 

Don't wait! Limited spots available

3 reasons to join the waitlist now!

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Early bird pricing is available when you join the waitlist now!

Limited spots are available, so join the waitlist today!

Receive my guide, "9 best strength training exercises for moms" when you get on the waitlist

Meet Angela

Hi I'm Angela your coach!

I'm so pumped to be your coach. I will help you generate a life style change that leaves you feeling confident and courageous by helping you understand nutrition better and how it serves your body good, how to burn fat, flatten your abs, build your booty, tone up and feel confident in your skin. 

Over the last 9+ years as a fitness professional, my own personal journey from trainer to exercise specialist & nutrition coach,  I've learned so much of what it takes to find true confidence within your body as a busy mom. 

After years of dealing with urinary incontinence, yo-yo dieting, stressing over my appearance, I finally found my happy place and I can't wait to help you find yours too.


EmpowerHER was designed with the old me in mind. I've been there, I know what it's like to look in the mirror and feel sad and insecure over who I was. I was tired of just surviving and wanted to THRIVE.

I soon realized the number on the scale did not determine my worth.  I gained back my confidence and I want to help you do the same so you can start living your best life. ​

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