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Ignite your body’s fat burning power with the Moms Metabolic Makeover Masterclass
January 18th 8pm EST

Understand metabolism, how it works & what impacts it

Learn your personal barriers to a boosted metabolism & most common mistakes I see moms make

Implement a practical nutrition & metabolic plan without restrictive dieting or intense exercise to boost your metabolism

Metabolic Makeover

Please note this workshop does not include info on quick fixes, fad diets, pills or gadgets for short term weight loss. This is a lifestyle change workshop .

This is what I see most moms struggling with, can you relate?

You are struggling to lose weight despite ​trying different diets

You feel as if your metabolism is broken or "sluggish"

You're confused on all the nutrition guidance and don't know what the right answer is for weight loss..

You know you need to workout but don't know what's best cardio, HIIT or strength for fat loss.

You followed a diet or meal plan, had great success but went back to eating your normal diet and gained the weight back

don't want to drink kale smoothies every day just to lose weight 


If you answered "YES" to any of the above.. this Masterclass is for you 

FREE 1 Hour Metabolic Makeover Masterclass
January 18th, 2024 8pm EST

Here's how it works:

Sign up with the link below -You'll receive an email confirmation with the live ZOOM call details. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder & add my email list to your contacts


Join us L I V E to get personalized feedback, a chance to win a FREE metabolic plan, a nutrition audit &  more.  

You'll be sent a few additional emails for reminders of the upcoming class + your  workbook.

Presented by Angela Mosley- Owner of Modern Fit Moms & Postnatal Specialist 


Hey! I'm Angela Mom of 4, Christian and wife. I'm a passionate personal trainer & nutrition coach helping moms build confidence through mastering their time, mindset, at home workouts and no nonsense  nutrition. 

I continue to study women's health, postpartum health, hormones & metabolism to help moms all over the world live their best lives.

It's my personal purpose to educate mamas on postpartum health, hormone health and functional fitness & nutrition. 

Sign me up!
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