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Level up your fit mom journey with a workout specific for your goals

Self guided programs & challenges included with the Fit Mom Membership or purchase solo. 

Get Mom Strong


Rehab Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor 4 week Program




8 Week postpartum training program




12 week full body

strength training program for moms



Fit & HIIT Mama Shred

8 week dumbbell HIIT program to amp up your fitness & shred.




6 week glute focused strength program to build & tone your booty


booty workouts


6 week strength program for busy moms. 20 minute workouts.



30 Day Challenges

BootyFIT -Booty band

30 Day Booty Challenge 5 10 minute booty workouts 


booty workouts


6 week deep core & pelvic floor challenge



CoreFIT- Beginner

30 Day Core Challenge beginner 10 minute core workout- DR safe


Diastasis recti and pelvic floor

30 Day Core Challenge advanced 10 minute core workout

CoreFIT Advanced


Real Moms Real Busy

Angela Mosley is a phenomenal trainer, motivator, and incredible human being.  She is constantly soliciting feedback from her clients about what works and what does not to make sure she is ALWAYS meeting our needs.  She never has two workouts that are the same and always adds in a challenge or AMREP to push you just a little bit further.  I personally have found strength and muscles that I've never had before.  Angela has continually encouraged me well beyond the workouts from nutrition and sleep to find equipment that works best for me.  Angela is innovative, creative, and continually seeks to learn new specialities to bring back to her workouts and her clients.  I could not be any happier with my relationship with her and the clients too! -Laura

Working out with Angela allows me the flexibility and versatility I need, while knowing I’m getting a great workout.   The on demand library allows to me work out as it fits in my schedule if needed.  The on demand library has a variety of workouts including focused areas, and range from 10-30/40 minutes depending on what works for you.  Angela has such a vast knowledge in all areas of fitness and is always looking to learn more as evident with her multiple new certifications.  I’ve learned so much about core and strength training, and listening to what my body needs.    I always know I’m getting an effective workout to make me stronger, fitter and most of all healthier


I reached out to Angela 5 months postpartum after not even wanting to look at pictures of myself, or look in a mirror. I was frustrated and stuck with my postpartum nutrition and progress. I was immediately impressed by Angela's responsiveness, knowledge about postpartum recovery and activities to help rehabilitate the body postpartum. Angela's expertise and well thought-out workout programs and nutrition guides are not only easy to follow but are incredibly and professionally well done! I HIGHLY recommend Angela for any postpartum needs. She by far is a gem, asset and blessing to this new mama.


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