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Community Connections & Resources

I want you to have the very best care by connecting you with a community of specialists to help you throughout your pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. These specialists are ones I personally have worked with throughout my journey.


CNY Doula Connection offers many services for your pregnancy and postpartum journey. They support you with each stage preparation for birth, birthing & delivery support, and the postpartum phase. Whether you're looking for education, a Doula to support you during pregnancy and after baby arrives, meal preparation or other they have many options to choose from to support you on this amazing journey.

Simpson Family Wellness- Anna-Marie Simpson, DC, MS, ICCSP, Dr. Anna as known to many, is located in Syracuse, NY and is the owner of Simpson Family Wellness: Chiropractic, PLLC. She is licensed to practice chiropractic in New York state as well as a clinical nutritionist. Dr. Anna is certified in the Webster Pregnancy Protocol and for almost a decade has treated the prenatal population in her community, helping to relieve pregnancy related pains and fetal malposition (e.g. breech).   Once baby is born, she helps infants and children with a range of concerns including, latching, constipation, colic symptoms, and ear infection and specializes in correcting post-partum complaints. She is valued in the community for providing individualized attention for each patient, serving a diverse patient population.

In addition to her work with the prenatal and pediatric populations, Dr. Anna completed a 120 hour course load to become an Internationally Certified Sports Practitioner (ICCSP). This certification allows her to provide additional tools and resources to assist her in diagnosing and treating discomfort in all her patients; especially her pediatric patients that are starting to navigate through the world of athleticism.

When she’s not at her chiropractic and wellness practice, she can be found teaching in the Biology department at various local colleges. On a personal note, she is the proud Mama to four beautiful children, all successful planned homebirths.

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Dr. Danielle Corapi is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in women’s health and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction with a special interest in pregnancy and postpartum care. She earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Scranton and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Upstate Medical University. After graduating physical therapy school, she traveled throughout the United States practicing physical therapy in multiple settings with her focus being in outpatient orthopedics. Throughout her clinical practice, Dr. Danielle always had a passion for working with women and treating impairments associated with pregnancy and postpartum. After years working in the traditional outpatient orthopedics setting, Dr. Danielle knew her calling was in women’s health and decided to make a change. She then returned to her hometown of Syracuse, NY and received specialized training in pelvic floor dysfunction as well as pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Danielle is passionate about providing women support and helping guide them through the complexities of the prenatal, perinatal and postpartum periods. Dr. Danielle is also a proud mama to her two daughters Rylee and Reese. After going through pregnancy and postpartum recovery herself she has a deep appreciation for the complexities of the female human body and a passion for providing women the care that they deserve through the motherhood transition. 


Outside of work, Danielle enjoys spending time with her family including her husband, two daughters and goldendoodle Graham. Additionally, she has a passion for wellness and enjoys working out at home and hiking outdoors.


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