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Mom of 2

"Hi! Im a SAHM 7 years. I have two daughters 7 & 5. I decided I needed to make a change in my lifestyle as I was approaching 30 this year. I had high cholesterol. (at 29 ) So at the end of March I went full in with a complete but manageable lifestyle change. I was doing very good just knew I was missing something as I just couldn’t get some of the stubborn body fat to even budge! That’s when I knew I needed to seek outside help. That’s when I reached out and decided to join with Angela to give me a boost in my weight loss. I started with the Mama Muscle’s challenge and LOVED every minute of it! I hadn’t realized how much I needed strength training in my life. Not only did the body fat/ weight start falling off me but I began to start seeing definition in places I had never before! I have always tried exercising in the past and would eventually sooner than later stop. I hated everything about it. But just adding weights makes the workout so much better for me! Sure some challenges still have that “HITT / tabata” component, but the mix of strength training makes it tolerable.. for me personally. I still have a ways to go but I’m still here crushing goals and enjoying my new challenges I have started with Angela."


Mom of 3

"I was stuck in a rut- I ate mostly clean, but never realized just how many calories I consumed in a day. I exercised on occasion, but I absolutely hate exercise so I wasn’t consistent. This program was just what I needed as a busy mom of three to get my life in order and commit to improving my health and mobility. I changed my routine, with Angelas guidance found ways to eat healthy and stay full, and at 30 minutes a day- who can’t make time for some extra movement? This program got me back on track! I lost xxx pounds and inches from my body. I feel better and love these results. Another positive is that my husband has loved the changes in our menu, which makes it even easier to make better choices and stick with the changes! I can’t say enough good about Angela and her program- she is amazing, encouraging and meets you where you’re at. No judgment, ever. She just wants you to feel good and know your potential and worth. I look forward to continuing on this path."



Mom of 1


“I just finished Angela’s EmpowerHER program and all I can say is wow! Angela’s knowledge and expertise that went into crafting this program will not only get you the results you want, but the results you deserve as a busy mom! I lost inches in my waist, biceps, and hips, and overall look more tone in just 8 weeks. The workouts in this program are not only fun, but they took me less than 30 minutes to complete and they are effective! I’m not only feeling mentally stronger, but physically stronger, as I was able to lift the most that I have since having my daughter 16 months ago. If you are looking to get stronger, gain confidence, and build muscle, look no further!”


Mom of 3

"I am thrilled to share my journey of losing 9 pounds through a dedicated combination of exercise and improved nutrition due to Angela’s EmpowerHER program. Over the past several weeks, I’ve made an effort to prioritize my health and the results have been truly remarkable. Angela’s workouts and approach to healthier eating have not only helped me shed those stubborn pounds but have also boosted my energy levels and overall well-being. I couldn't be happier with the positive changes in my life from Angela’s EmpowerHER program. I'm excited to continue on this path to a healthier me!"

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