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A program for postpartum moms new to lifting, but ready for more aggressive workouts to help the loose the baby weight while improving diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, this is for you. 

This 8-week strength training program is not only safe for those experiencing diastasis recti and pelvic floor, but it includes a plan, and a coach by your side that will help you narrow and firm the gap, eliminate the peeing your pants episodes, manage pelvic organ prolapse and build strength for motherhood.

Does this sound familiar?

I felt like my body was broken and no one could understand the embarrassment of peeing myself in every group fitness class I’d teach. 


I desperately wanted to feel strong but I felt so stuck, I didn’t want to give up strength training or my HIIT classes just because my body failed me. 

Once I got my diagnosis of prolapse, it was an emotional roller coaster of “should I pursue surgery or just avoid exercise all together?”


I hated my postpartum body, and felt alone. I desperately wanted to feel strong again and be the best and most functional version I know I was capable of. 




An 8-week online group coaching program to narrow and firm your diastasis recti, reduce and or eliminate leaking, increase glute strength to decrease back pain, and help you love your postpartum body. 

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What's included in the CoreLIFT Method?

​*This is NOT a self guided course. While you complete your workouts on your own time, you communicate and receive coaching directly from Angela. Max per group is 10 women, as this is a high touch program, and I want to ensure moms get the results they came for 

Comprehensive assessment & coaching feedback to check your core and pelvic floor strength, posture and fitness abilities to set you on the right path

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Progressive follow along workouts for diastasis recti, pelvic floor and full body through 3 phases of strength

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Training & education modules to troubleshoot barriers and communicate directly with Angela to ensure you're on the right path to get the results you desire

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Group coaching calls to troubleshoot barriers that may be hindering your progress

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Daily Group chat for support and coaching between calls and check ins

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Nutrition coaching & education to reduce bloat & eliminate constipation

What's included?

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Education Modules & Trouble shooting tips 

  • Understanding diaphragmatic breathing 

  • Why posture matters 

  • What is Diastasis Recti & how to check for it 

  • The different types of DR & solutions/exercises (rib flare, upper ab gripping etc)

  • What is the pelvic floor & how to properly contract 

  • Urge vs stress incontinence 

  • Hypertonic & Hypotonic pelvic floor

  • Prolapse 

  • How to safely strength train 

  • Getting back to HIIT or running 

  • 12 core workouts- diastasis recti & pelvic floor strengthening 

  • 2 core & pelvic floor specific workouts each week

  • Core tips & trouble shooting to help you with diastasis recti and leakage

  • Learn the foundation of your core and pelvic floor connection 

  • Progress through 4 phases to help you get stronger long term


Core strengthening workouts  

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Strength training workouts 

  • 3 strength & HIIT workouts each week safe for diastasis recti and pelvic floor

  • Continue to build strength over 2 phases

  • Improve posture, build stronger glutes, and tone your whole body

Additional workouts for your success

  • Corrective & strength posture workouts 

  • Extra glute workouts 

  • Specific workouts for specific barriers

    • upper ab separation/ rib flare​

    • lower ab separation & c-section

    • anterior/posterior pelvic tilt

    • prolapse considerations

    • ready to HIIT it safely 

    • pelvic floor tightness 

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By the end of CoreLIFT you will 




Overall strength through resistance training exercises-targeting major muscle groups to restore pre-pregnancy fitness levels

​Core and pelvic floor function that got lost during pregnancy from mush to strength, stability and confidence.

Emotional well being and quality of life to go out and do the workouts you love, start living life instead of just surviving and get your life back.

What moms are saying about CoreLIFT
A program designed with you in mind

Workout in the comfort of your home

Workout for 35 minutes or less

Narrow & firm up your core

Eliminate leaking so you can ditch the pads

Lift weights & tone without worry

Learn to love your postpartum body

Is CoreLIFT the right program for you?

If you can answer yes to 2-3 of these then it's the right program for you

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Have exercised in the past


Have core weakness after babies


Pee your pants with sneezing, coughing, running or lifting


Want easy to follow at home workout videos


Want to work with & connect with other moms who understand your emotions


Would like to get back to your fav bootcamp classes without peeing yourself


You’ve completed Core|Revive or ReClaim & you’re ready to level up

Want to learn how to manage prolapse with lifting weights

This is NOT the right program for you if...

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Copy of core_edited.png
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Copy of core_edited.png
Copy of core_edited.png
Copy of core_edited.png

You’ve never exercised before


You’re content with where you are at & have no desire to change


You’re not willing to put in the work & excuse yourself from self care


You don’t work well in group settings


You’re looking for a quick fix & you’re not coachable

You have significant barriers to fitness 


The 6 week reset meal plan & guide simplifies good nutrition during the busy phase of motherhood. It features meal options that can be prepared in advance, reduce bloat and eliminate constipation. 

The 30 Day BootyFIT challenge 30 day challenge to increase glute strength with a loop band. 10 minute workouts 5x  a week to give you booty a boost. 

The 35 minute busy moms

Master your Schedule Masterclass with the Chelsi Jo with Systemize your life 

Are you ready?
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The Program 

  • 8 week program complete with follow along workout videos

  • 12+ progressive Core workouts

  • 3 Strength workouts each week

  • Diastasis & pelvic floor safe HIIT workouts

  • extra glute workouts 

  • Posture workouts 

  • Follow along full body stretching workouts

  • Educational modules

  • Specific trouble shooting workouts 

The results

  • Stronger for motherhood- make everyday mom tasks like lifting, carrying your baby or toddler, easier and less physically taxing

  • Improved Core Strength to help you regain stability, increase pelvic floor function and improve diastasis recti 

  • Increased Energy- boost overall energy levels, helping you keep up with the demands of motherhood.

  • Burn calories and increase metabolism to help tone and increase self-confidence so you can love your postpartum body.

The coaching experience 

  • Work directly with Angela so she can coach you through your barriers, provide additional workouts to troubleshoot, or help you modify any moves you need 

  • Full postpartum assessment to find out what your body needs to break through barriers like upper ab separation, prolapse, weak or flat glutes

  • Have a coach by your side who gets it to help you stay consistent with your workouts 

  • Group coaching unstuck calls - practical application, form reviews, education and Q&A

  • Community chat with other moms to support and encourage each other 


CoreLIFT was born and created out of my desire to find true happiness from the inside out and to build strength and confidence. 

After years of dealing with peeing my pants when teaching, prolapse symptoms left me crippled, and a weak and squishy core, I finally found my happy place and I can't wait to help you find yours too. 

I was able to

  • eliminate the "peeing" the pants episodes

  • eliminate the symptoms of my stage two rectocele & cystocele prolapse

  • heal my diastasis recti 

  • lift heavier weights than I ever have before without making things worse

  • get back to HIIT and jumping on the trampoline with my kids worry free!

And I want the same thing for you. If you love your bootcamp classes and picking up the weights but your symptoms have kept you back now is the time to commit to your self care. Self care is not selfish, moms simply deserve self care in dependent of any other factors. And when moms care for themselves they bless their children with a happier, healthier, mama. 



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