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Improve Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor with 7 easy steps

Can you relate ?

  • Intercourse and tampons are painful

  • Worried about leaks in public

  • Mentally you're ready to level up the intensity but your body is not

  • Heaviness and pressure every time you lift weights

  • Can’t run, jump or lift anything without leaking 

  • Protruding belly making you look 4-6 months pregnant still

If you're ready..

To put yourself back together & feel strong

To start living life instead of just surviving 

Ready to take charge and love your postpartum body 

In this 7 days we will cover

The secrets behind rehab & why your DR or pelvic floor isn't improving

The right way to connect with your core to bullet proof your body

Daily habits you can implement into a busy schedule to improve core function

This mini course is for busy moms in the middle of raising littles that want to feel strong  & to love their postpartum body.  Moms dealing with a squishy & weak core after birth, and moms wanting to stop the leaks!


October 24th 2pm EST
Free 1-hour workshop

Presented by Angela Mosley- Owner of Modern Fit Moms & Postnatal Specialist

I know how you feel mama. Defeated, broken and hopeless. I was in those shoes a few years back when I learned of my prolapses, when peeing my pants was now the norm, and despite all the crunches & nutrition, my abs wouldn't show up. I simply felt broken. I felt like my body had failed me and I had failed it. I couldn't find the answers and I was so desperate to fix this embarrassment and uncomfortableness I now called "my body". I found the solution, and my hope and goal is to share it with every mama out there so she doesn't have to feel the way I felt 3 years ago. 

As a certified Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, i get to help moms like you and me get stronger after baby no matter how many years postpartum you are. I hope you join us in this 3 day workshop so you can start to see the changes and strength within. 

Sign me up!
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