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Levelup 1:1 Coaching

Apply to work 1:1 with Pre & Postnatal Specialist & Nutrition Coach - Angela Mosley

What's included with 1:1

On-boarding assessments & call  Complete comprehensive assessments to check your core strength, posture, fitness level & breakdown of your nutrition. Once you’ve completed the assessment forms sent via email- we’ll set up our first call to map out your personalized plan. 


Weekly check ins weekly check  in form to make sure you’re on track with reaching your goals, if anything needs to be adjusted this is where we will adjust the programing.


Weekly nutrition habits with EmpoweredPLATE- each week you’ll be given a nutrition habit to focus. We start with the basics and as you master the habit we’ll move on to more advanced habits. Nutrition audits are done weekly on Monday’s to ensure you’re on track. 


Daily text and accountability - you’ll have access to me M-F via text/voice messaging to ask questions, concerns or form checks throughout the week 


​Training Program: Your training program is built just for you based

on your current goals whether that’s prenatal, postnatal, diastasis

recti, pelvic floor/prolapse or fat loss. Your training is typically

mapped out in phases 2-4 weeks at a time dependent on each

individual to reach your goals.


Pregnancy Training- using my BumpLIFT Method we focus on continuing to build strength throughout the trimesters while focusing on my CoreFOUR: Breathing, Posture, Core Connection & Glutes.  This sets mama and baby to be for a more comfortable pregnancy and childbirth. Using this method helps moms recover more quickly after birth and lays the foundation to reduce the risk of diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Postnatal Training - using my CoreLIFT Method we focus on bullet proofing your body postpartum to reclaim your core after birth. Using my CoreFOUR: Breathing, Posture, Core Connection & glutes training alongside full body strength training so we can work together to break through postpartum barriers like Diastasis Recti, leaking with exercise and prolapse. We’ll also work on your nutrition and take into consideration breastfeeding using the EmpoweredPLATE Method.


Fat Loss Training- Using the EmpoweredPlate Method & we’ll tackle fat loss in a holistic approach without cutting out food groups or doing hours of cardio. The workouts & nutrition plan is tailored to your needs and goals. Focusing primarily on strength training to boost your metabolism, tone up and burn fat.

Can you imagine the following?

  • Your confidence is boosted and you improved your quality of life

  • You have the energy to power through your days

  • You've Improved your mental & emotional health to find balance in all of your responsibilities 

  • Improve self-confidence to feel more in control of your life

  • Increase muscle tone & strength while burning fat without hours of cardio 

  • Improved your focus and concentration to be a more productive mom to manage your time better 

  • Gain a positive attitude and outlook on life to pursue one’s purpose

Hi I'm Angela your coach!

I'm so pumped to be your coach. Working with me 1:1 will help you generate a life style change. I am going to help you understand nutrition better and how it serves your body good, how to burn fat, flatten your abs, build your booty, tone up and feel confident in your skin. 

Regardless of how much time you have, what equipment you have access to and your space, I will make tailored workouts to your needs and your goals. 

Over the last 9+ years as a fitness professional, my own personal journey from trainer to exercise specialist & nutrition coach,  I've learned so much of what it takes to find true confidence within your body as a busy mom. 

After years of dealing with urinary incontinence, yo-yo dieting, stressing over my appearance, I finally found my happy place and I can't wait to help you find yours too. 

Mom of four

I started offering 1:1 Transformational coaching as a way to kick start your health & fitness and set you up for success for life with a renewed mind, body, and spirit. 

While this list is still growing, I continue to educate myself so I can be the best coach to serve you where you are on your own health & fitness journey as a mother.

Current Certifications:

PCES Pre & Postnatal Corrective Specialist

ISSA Glute Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Health Coach

NASM Nutrition Coach 

What is the 12 Week Transformational coaching program all about?

 So you can say goodbye to insecurities, find purpose & confidence,  and pursue your life's purpose

  • Mindset & habit coaching to transform the way you see yourself, your life and your future 

  • Nutrition education & individualized coaching to help you skip the overwhelm and build a plan that works for YOU. 

  • Custom workouts to help you burn fat, build muscle and boost confidence with the minimal time you have. 

  • Transform not just your body, nutrition and mind but your whole life to be the best version of you. 

  • Education & training modules throughout the 12 weeks to master your mindset, nutrition and schedule.

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