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ReClaim- Body After Birth

Recharge, Rebuild, and Reclaim: Kickstart Your Postpartum Fitness Journey Today

Postpartum mom

Are you tired of feeling held back by postpartum discomfort, insecurities, and unable to fully enjoy the precious moments with your newborn? It's time to break free from and reclaim your body's strength and confidence.

The best exercises for postpartum recovery are ones that help you re-grain core and pelvic floor strength, build muscles and endurance and boosts your confidence postpartum.


Taking care of a newborn is no easy task, that’s why taking care of your health and well-being is just as important.  ReClaim- Body After Birth provides you with a consistent and empowering fitness routine in less than 30 minutes each day so you won’t feel like you’re robbing time from your family.  

ReClaim- Body After Birth


The 8-Week Return to Exercise Postpartum Strength Program is designed to help new mothers safely and effectively regain their strength and fitness after giving birth. This program is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of postpartum women, taking into consideration the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

One time payment of $97

This program is for you if..

  • You are a new mom who has recently given birth & at least 6 weeks + postpartum 

  • A mom who wishes to strengthen her core muscles to improve posture and reduce the risk of back pain.

  • A Mom who wants to gradually lose the weight gained during pregnancy in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • A mom who wants to feel good in her postpartum body without robbing time from her family 

You're in the right spot, a program for moms by a mom who's been there 4x.

As a busy mom of 4, I know how precious time is and how far and few between alone time can be. Especially if your husband works crazy hours and it's up to you to manage the house & the home. 

This program was designed with the busy mom in mind that wanted a short yet effective program to get her stronger after birth, where she didn't feel like was she robbing time from her family.

Mom of four
What's Included

The ReClaim-Body After Birth is an 8-week program made up of strength specified workouts to rebuild your core and enhance your overall strength.

Copy of ReClaim_edited.png

Core and Pelvic floor workouts

  • 2-3 core & pelvic floor specific workouts each week

  • Core tips & trouble shooting to help you with diastasis recti and leakage

  • learn the foundation of your core and pelvic floor connection 

  • Progress through 4 phases to help you get stronger longterm

Strength & Cardio workouts

  • 2-4 strength + cardio workouts each week safe for diastasis recti 

  • Continue to build strength over 4 phases

  • Improve posture, build stronger glutes, and tone

Copy of ReClaim_edited.png
Copy of ReClaim_edited.png

Education Modules & trouble shooting tips 

  • Learn how to check & track diastasis recti 

  • in depth education on pelvic floor and core 

  • Posture tips for new moms

  • C-section recovery & scar tissue massage module

By the end of ReClaim you will...

Overall strength through resistance training exercises-targeting major muscle groups to restore pre-pregnancy fitness levels

Energy and mood supporting overall well-being for new moms

Core strength that got lost during pregnancy from mush to strength and stability

Fit Mom Bonuses

Postpartum mom

Perfect Planks & Push-Ups

The great planks and push-up program is a mini series that helps you to gradually progresses from beginner to advanced levels, incorporating variations and proper form to enhance core and pelvic floor strength.


Learn how to perfect your plank & push ups without making your DR or pelvic floor worse. Learn tips & tricks for proper form & ways to modify to make your planks & push ups better.

Nutritional Cooking

Postnatal Meal Plan

The Postnatal Plan simplifies good nutrition during the busy postpartum phase. It features meal options that can be prepared in advance, stored in the freezer, yield leftovers, and require minimal preparation.


The recipes are carefully crafted to include galactagogues, such as oats and flax seeds, which not only enhance lactation but also provide fiber to prevent postpartum constipation.

Are you ready?

One Time Price: Only $97

ReClaim-Body After Birth is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now!

The Program: 

  • The 8 week program complete with videos, PDFs, and trackers

  • Core workouts

  • Strength workouts

  • Diastasis safe cardio workouts

  • Glutes & pelvic floor workouts

  • Posture workouts 

  • Follow along stretching and foam rolling workouts

The Bonuses:

  • Perfect planks & push ups series

  • Postnatal meal plan + how to build the perfect meal

Special limited time pricing $97

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