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CoreRevive- Bullet Proof Your core

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Rehab your core and pelvic floor- learn the foundations of gaining a stronger and healthier core and pelvic floor Foundations to a healthier pelvic floor to reduce urinary incontinence & risk of prolapse to -Diaphragm and pelvic floor connection -What is pelvic floor dysfunction -What is a hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor & what to do about it -What is a hypotonic (weak) pelvic floor & how to strengthen -Understand the difference between stress & urge incontinence What you can expect: -Learn how to strengthen your pelvic in a functional way -4 week workout plan to strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce incontinence -Bonus FULL follow along Pelvic Floor workouts -Weekly email support with additional tips & troubleshooting This program is great for anyone who is dealing with mild pelvic floor symptoms and moms who are capable of keeping themselves accountable. We focus on strengthening our core and pelvic floor while also addressing our posture and breathing for the best possible outcome.

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